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The Future Is Now... Part III

Transparency & Local

Brand owners should expect more demand for transparency from farm to factory to distribution. Millennials and Gen Z’s have long been demanding this of brands and voting with their purchases and loyalty when it comes to sustainability, human rights, and animal rights. Now they will expect that same commitment through the entire supply chain to understand where products come from, how sustainable and ethical the process is from design to sales floor.

The COVID 19 pandemic has led many consumers to seek Local small-batch purveyors either out of necessity or in an effort to support their local communities. Expect their loyalties to stay aligned with those small businesses and local businesses that “helped” during the pandemic. We’ve all witnessed examples such as local breweries and distilleries that shifted to making hand sanitizer both for the medical community and for the general public.

Here are some local examples close to home for Studio H2G. There are examples in every community and you may not have to look very hard to find them. ...

Griffen Claw Brewery – hand sanitizer

Motor City Gas Distillery – hand sanitizer

Detroit Denim – PPE masks and face shields

Who are the businesses you’ve seen pivot or adjust to offer what’s needed to their local community?

Looking forward to the innovation!

Julie Dugas | @dugasjb

One of the Heads

Studio | H2G

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