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The Future Is Now... Part II

The Future is now... a post COVID 19 world.

As we beginning to open or consider opening the economy back up and if you are fortunate enough to be thinking about new project

s or even refinement to your branded space - now is the time to be thinking further out. What might be the long

term ramifications of what we have all experienced with this pandemic? How will the constraints forced on us out of necessity weave their way into our everyday lives in the near future? Thinking about Social Hygiene....

Social Hygiene

It is wildly accepted that the only effective weapon we have against Covid 19 is social distancing and goo d hand-washing – we’ve been washing out hands raw and disinfecting all surfaces we come in contact with. Prior to the pandemic consumers there was mounting evidence that consumers were expecting brands to do more, be better stewards of the planet – those attitudes will not waiver but the expectations will be higher moving forward. Not only do customer expect brands to be better in their manufacturing methods but also to “protect” them from the unseen dangers.

We will see a big push to touch-less – everything! Doors, key pads, pay stations, toilet rooms (the entiretoilet room – entry, hardware etc)

Employees – some brand owners are taking the temperatures of employees but beyond the immediate reaction, consider that much of the retail, hospitality and entertainment industry (particularly in the US) rely heavily on part-time employees, often without paid sick leave benefits. Compelling many employees to come to work even if they are unwell.

We will see consumers (especially millennials who are already in-tune with supporting brands that align with their own personal beliefs in sustainability, human rights and animal rights) supporting brand owners that take better care of their employees ...ultimately leading to taking better care of their customers.

Further insights:

Over the coming weeks we will explore short term and long term what we’re seeing, reading and thinking about as we navigate through the global pandemic. We’ll continue to post here on our website and LinkedIN. Looking forward to the innovation!

Julie Dugas

One of the Heads

Studio | H2G

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