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The Future Is Now - Food Finds, Part II

History repeating itself...I got distracted. Not terribly uncommon these days. I LOVE the work our team does and I am fortunate to make a career out of work I am really passionate about. Even the most passionate among us can find some days difficult to focused and there are tasks that I have to dig deep to find the love. The other day - was one of those days. I know I am not alone in this... shifting from never seeming to have a spare moment to working from home has been an adjustment for many of us. While am working to embrace this change. ...not surprising, some days I just get distracted.

(Image from studio | H2G conference room wall - a huge college of rendered images from projects we have developed)

From Distraction to focused attention.

So, my distraction came in the form of an email newsletter from the speaker, author former rocket scientist Ozan Varol. His newsletters are fascinating to me and often provide links to additional information or inspiration for his topics. Following one of those links I stumbled on a piece he wrote about Buchette del Vino. I was smitten! I didn’t know what this was all about. So fascinating and just the kind of random bits of history I love!

So in case you, like me had no idea what a Buchette del Vino is.... It is a small pass-through door/windows found in buildings all over Florence Italy. Apparently, in the 16th century as the plague ravaged the city’s population, people used these small openings to transact with each other often to be served a glass of wine! (my first wine and a pandemic are not a new thing).

I took a quick screen capture to be able to give you a visual - if you are intrigued... You might want to follow a non profit group that study and documents these curious little bits of history. Their website is and their instagram is @buchettedelvino.

What I find so fascinating now is that rather than being a novelty in 21st century they are actually being used in the same way today as they way they were originally used in the 1600’s. These wine windows are now being put back into use to deliver ... wine but also gelato, food to go. A way for people to participate in transactions and limiting the contact during the current pandemic.

I like many are longing to travel again and experience our beautiful planet and all of it’s beautiful people when it’s safe to do so. These little wine windows are on my list to look for!

Looking forward to discovery more innovation!

Julie Dugas

One of the Heads

Studio | H2G

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