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The Future Is Now... CES 2021

The Future is now...

Trending Thoughts - Color and CES 2021!

CES 2021 like so many other industry events went digital for 2021. There are a lot of reports coming out about what are the highlights and takeaways from this year's event. One theme that became quickly apparent in the reports I’ve been reading is COLOR! A few weeks back I wrote about - Samsung Diving Deeper into the Home. Samsung as an innovator has been exploring homes, how we live and interact with appliances, technology and the Internet of things. They recently stepped away from tech and introduced a collaboration on paint for home interiors called Living Color.

CES 2021 showcases how color has become a strong element in integrating tech into our daily lives. Often with thought given to seamlessly integrating into our homes spaces. Samsung has created a bespoke line-up of customizable refrigerators “Door panel options encompass various colors and finishes, including Rose Pink, Sky Blue and Navy Glass, and Champagne, Steel and Matt Black Steel. Panels are easy to switch out to keep up with consumers’ changing interior style” - stylus


Often with color doing double duty. LG’s Furniture Concept Appliances is offering an opaque finger-print resistant material for appliances with a range of color options including pink, mint, botanic, stone, sand and beige.


Other home tech that does crosses over between engaging color in a more mindful way in our home environments can be found in the wellness sector. Our physical wellbeing and mental health has been drawn into sharp focus and become a priority for many. Design of the tech that touches our daily lives are gaining ground by focusing on soft and subtle detailing as well as color psychology. Often focusing on soft curves and simplistic design with smooth clean lines.

This focus touches a wide variety of home products from Phillips new sonic care tooth brush, Sanitouch device for touching surfaces in pubic areas, Medipresso espresso machine and start up ultrawave sterilization devices for tooth brushes, razors and face masks.

In retail strategy and design we often focus on brands, spaces and business models doing double duty. We are surrounded by brands that focus on more than just commerce. Echoing this thinking products often “do” more than one - thing. The British startup Lasso’s is working to launch a recycling appliance that disposes of food packaging by scanning objects to confirm whether they are recyclable.

After washing the items and removing the labels, the machine grinds them down and stores them for collection. As if the machine isn’t something that we could all use in our kitchens - the company has considered color and shape for future-focused kitchens. This is one new kitchen appliance I would happily add to my kitchen. Not having to wash and strip labels from recyclables would be a time saver!

There is no question that technology is an integral part of our lives and we have to work to manage how much tech weaves its way in. What’s interesting here is that brands are considering what that means... how can products be designed to soften their integration in our daily lives? To soothe, be additive and calming rather than simply being another device that is demanding our attention.

Looking forward to more discovery + innovation!

Julie Dugas

One of the Heads

Studio | H2G

I’m one of the heads at Studio | H2G - I’m not a writer (which you may have picked up on quickly!) I am passionate about the business of retail, consumer behavior and trends and dialogue around that thinking.

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