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The Future Is Now...

Updated: May 6, 2020

Headstogether thinking about .. a post COVID 19 world.

All evidence points to the possibility that globally we should expect rolling lock-downs until a vaccine is found for COVID19. Scientist are quick to point out that is at best a year away. We also have anecdotal evidence that we cannot simply shut the world down for an entire year. We will have to develop and hone in on new norms for the foreseeable future. Whether these new norms are short lived or have lasting impact will depend greatly on innovation that comes to light during the pandemic and the emotional motivators behind those innovations. New business, new products and services will certainly come on line and we will find new ways to feed our innate desire for connection and engagement.

If you are new to Studio H2G and our way of thinking – the first thing we’d like you to know is that our name - H2G - stands for headstogether ... including yours! As a studio we have been putting our headstogether and applying design thinking to what could be next for retail and the business of retail. So what’s in our heads?


First what happens when the lock-downs are rolled back? In the US with the majority of the country still on lock-down or shelter in place orders from state and local governments – there is dialogue and a lot of thought being given to how to do we restart the economy – the following thoughts are directed at what happens after the loosening of the lock-down constraints.


The immediate threat has been mitigated and while Covid 19 is still a significant concern we can start to open the economy back up.

We can get back to being social ... close ... but not too close!

What impact will required or self imposed social distancing have on the retail + entertainment world? How will social distancing impact food retailers, restaurants, movies, hospitality and theaters?

Capacity constraints, seating arrangements? These measures will not only put pressure on the physical spaces but will also have an economic impact. Restaurants that have to provide adequate distancing between tables – will have less seats. Theaters will sell less tickets, hotels fewer guests? We can keep going!

Interesting further reading?

Over the coming weeks we will explore short term and long term what we’re seeing, reading and thinking about as we navigate through the global pandemic. We’ll continue to post here on our website and LinkedIN. Looking forward to the innovation!

Julie Dugas

One of the Heads

Studio | H2G

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