PORTA DI ROMA | rome, italy

Retail and Shopping Center Design, Refurbishment and Branding
Client: Klepierre, The European Specialist of Shopping Centers

Porta di Roma is one of the more recognizable shopping center in Italy, servicing the greater metropolitan area of Rome. Working in close collaboration with the owner and client Klepierre,


We developed a strategy to reposition the shopping center in order to improve/increase customer engagement and the overall retail experience. Applying strategy through the design process, we continue to collaborate with the owners to continuously improve on the relevancy of the center in order to remain current for its shoppers, and to local, national and mainstream brands. So that Porta di Roma may continue to be the destination of choice.

The refurbishment   increased footfall, improved circulation and attracted new leading retail brands and food retailers. A re-invented tenant criteria, allows for existing and new retailers the necessary freedom to showcase their brand and improve the quality and creativity of their own brand designs. The use of new quality materials throughout the interior base building of the shopping center, provides a striking fashion oriented backdrop for retailers to be showcased as art pieces in the Shopping Center.


Increased footfall, meant more quality food.  New made fresh food offerings and kiosks are now destination nodes of the shopper’s journey and a heightened shopping experience. New amenities and amenities’ program, allow the center the flexibility to be more creative in hosting regional, seasonal, promotional and entertainment events.


Through this multi-layered refurbishment, the center’s revitalization has for certain contributed in increasing the bottom line, however more importantly, it now attracts a wider demographic of shopper.

The refurbishment included also a new Shopping Center-wide Brand initiative roll-out, which included new brand language, environment and logo.

Improvement to the building’s infrastructure was also a vital investment to better the quality of the environment for the shopper’s experience but also a conscious step to reduce energy consumption.

To see more photos of the project, from start to finish, click through our galleries below




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