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   im & Kevin Metcalfe desired to expand the reach of their brand. Well known and respected in the Madison, WI market, Metcalfe’s desired to expand their brand’s reach to a new location-on the other side of town from their flagship store at Hildale Mall- taking over a 68,000 sq ft market space to create an exceptional shopping experience on the West side of Madison. Two independent islands dominate the left side of a fresh produce statement.


Entering the store it opens up to the customer with a market feel – 2 service islands with deli, prepared foods, and bakery run along side a fresh produce statement. Service cheese, a coffee bar and powerful meat and seafood statement make up a third of the store. Traditional groceries are anything but with a bulk food department.The shopper experience is memorable and deeply rooted in the Metcalfe’s brand.



Studio H2G: brand strategy, environmental store design, retail design layout, graphic communication design


Mehmert Store Servies: architecture, construction, and construction management


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